In 1979 downtown Los Angeles was primarily a dilapidated industrial area where few ventured. Seeing potential where others saw only urban blight, Maxxam’s principals were among the first to begin converting old industrial warehouses and under-utilized parking lots into desirable retail, wholesale, office and showroom space in what is today the Fashion District of downtown Los Angeles. Eventually, the company developed nearly 4 dozen such properties in the area, with several of the developments winning awards.

Since those early days, Maxxam has diversified, across property types and regional markets. To date, the company has acquired or developed more than 200 properties throughout California, Hawaii, Western United States and other select markets.

We continue to invest our own capital in each and every transaction – a testament to our confidence and success. When we engage investors, our financial partners know that we’re as committed as they are to the success of a project.

Company Highlights

  • Founded in 1979

  • Acquired or developed more than 200 properties

  • 4,000,000+ square feet under ownership

  • 10,500+ acres of agricultural land under ownership