Exciting New Tenants Coming to Thousand Oaks

Maxxam introduces national grocery tenant and new food stops at Janss Marketplace.

A 22,000 square foot ALDI grocery store is under construction to replace part of the space where a Toys ‘R Us store operated for nearly 50 years before the company shuttered its doors after it was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Earlier this month, construction also began at Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks to add an entirely new tenant mix to the 450,000 square foot outdoor mall.  The new additions will include a modern building being constructed to house a Starbucks drive-thru, a WingStop,  as well as a California Fish Grill. An older structure was razed to make way for the new building.

Maxxam was aware of the many logistical challenges (such as coordinating with the City, contractors and architects without the ability to meet in person) that needed to be addressed during the COVID pandemic. 

Notwithstanding, there is continued demand for good retailers, restaurants and service providers, so the decision was made to proceed with the construction. Establishing a solid supermarket has been a priority for the Center and the prospect of introducing an ALDI store has been met with great excitement in the surrounding community.

By virtue of Janss Marketplace’s open-air format, the mall has served the community during the pandemic with its adequately sized social gathering areas in which people can create their own space and comfortably patronize. Furthermore, the Center has hosted drive-in movies and concerts during the summer months.

The ALDI store is expected to hold its grand opening before the holiday season, and the Starbucks, California Fish Grill, and WingStop pad should be up and ready in early 2021.